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প্রিয় পাঠকবৃন্দ, অনেকদিন হলে ভাবতেছি ব্লগ নিয়ে বিস্তারিত আলোচনা করব, তাই সময়ের ফাঁকে লিখে লিখে আজ আপনাদের জন্য পোস্ট করলাম। এখান থেকে নতুনরা কিছু জানতে পারবেন খুব ভাল করেই।  আর ব্লগিং এর বসদের আহবান করতেছি আমাদের আরো পরামর্শ দিতে, আশা করছি হেল্প করবেন।

The development of technology in today’s world is moving forward hand in hand with the pace.  As the days passed and the innovation because of being presented to the most recent innovation to the general population of the world is less demanding than simple. This is one of the key mechanical advancements and functioning as Internet administrations. The massive number of internet users is increasing every day. The adjustment in human idea, feeling, exchange, considering, composing, and procedures for sharing. People are drawn to today’s hard to facilitate. There was no time, no one had been regularly used the old library reading interests, self, room, many of which loom large, and many of us can not afford to. However, the world has become a lot easier, so a computer can be an easily large library.

Waiting for the time to read the newspaper or took away were collected. However, within seconds of the news today, I got the newspaper. That’s just your opinion, thoughts, views, opinions can easily share it with everyone through blogging. You can earn money by blogging. So you will have to earn from Google AdSense. Some of these will be posted periodically. Moreover, how is this to be able to see my YouTube channel. Keep the channel subscribe bell icon and notification by checking if the video will receive notification in the form of the first.

What is Blog

What’s a blog?
We Bengalis are all more or less familiar with the blog. Now, who do you think “blog” What is it?
A blog is a special kind of web sites, some call it a Private Diary. However, a lot has changed over time blogging. Private Diary blog, so instead of being used as a means of social communication. Web sites and blogs, the main differences are: the web site is updated on an irregular, while the blog is updated on a regular basis. Moreover, some blogs can be updated every minute.

Internet World this blog is about 1 year old. Blog Weblog of the term has shown up. The term was first used Weblog 1 year ago, on 17 December 1997. The word was made a US citizen John Berger. However, after almost two years in April and May 1999, a man named Peter maholaja Weblog mid-term break was divided. As a result, We Blog the blog became popular all around the world. But another significant event took place in the middle period. Online writing in the diary started to take advantage of the ‘Open Diary’ blog, which a lot of times like the present. Blog post to Blogger those who are called.
In other words, a specific topic, a specific website attracts a lot of attention to the readers of the blog post. Thus, over the past 1 year, the blog has brought a new dimension to our lives.

Bengali Language Blog
If any reader friend, began to ask questions when our Bengali blog?
006 Bengali blog started in January. As a result, there are now thousands of Bengali-blogging site as well and there are a lot of advantages.

Now I will tell how many kinds of blogs can be?
Answer: Based on a variety of subjects gives the following blog can be shared

1. Posted in the form of a man’s personal opinion highlights personal Weblog among readers and readers can express different opinions on this post. So, this kind of blog is a personal blog. Currently, the most popular personal blog. Some blog is a hobby.

2. Social Weblog

Social blog site, where individuals or a free-thinking society could also represent a variety of views. After araposta the blog post comment on other Members to him.

3. Business Weblog any company or organization to add new services to their business and also to maintain contact with customers in her commercial use of blogs are called blocks.

4. Blog Weblog of the visitor’s question is about a variety of questions, and the answers given blagera.
For example behesaterara kunji

5. Weblog recent news reports on the subject can be expressed through the blog. Such has been the popularity of blagasaita too.

A few of the more popular blogs, micro-blogs such as Twitter, a blog. This is the personal blog inside.

According to the blog, post type can be divided into nimnoktabhage again. For example:

Phatolaga: phatoblage Blogger blog post images or images on a variety of subjects have been. Bhilagah such blogs are used for video sharing.

3. linkalaga: gurupurna a variety of companies or organizations in the form of a blog post is a link. So that the reader can easily get several unimportant links.

However, today we will discuss the social blog. What will the social blog needs to be taken up in phases.

Blogging, which need to be tracked

1. First, a computer and an Internet connection if you want to blog.

2. Gmail Account

3. Account for a certain Blogsite

4apanara computer, Avro, Bijoy software must install on your computer

5. taipim need to know.

6. blagera need to know the rules.

Why do blogging

How to do Blogging

If you want to blog a blog site is the first to open a Blog Account. For example, a Blogger or WordPress blog. When the blog account open, it will need an e-mail ID. Before you open that should be continued. This will open a certain name, this name will be familiar to everyone madhyamei. But the name can be changed later. So remember a beautiful name like before. Blog Account login with your Username and Password will be required in order to. Has never been used before to give a Username and a strong password should be. A successful way to the blog account that your Username and Password to login to open.

Bolg Earning Chart

What kind of blog you can write?

Social-Blogs are a place of expression of a blogger. If you have any kind of freedom of expression because they are not karabana offending post. Writing for blogs is more about current events. You can also blog, religion, politics, economics, technology, government vision akarsanimulaka text, picture posts, post tips, personal feelings, different types of technology, including the post collaborations can post text. Also if you are a poet, novelist, writer or columnist or want to be, but your poems, essays, novels, columns, etc., you can post to the blog. Blogs on social, political and religious issues in the dispute can be fierce among bloggers. You can participate in your ideal argues in favor of this blog, but the blog will keep an eye on policy.

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