Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus -Top 10 features and Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - TOP 10 FEATURES

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – TOP 10 FEATURES

So after months of speculations, rumors, and leaks the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is finally here. So let’s take a look at the top 10 features of this behemoth of a smartphone which arguably could be the smartphone of the year 2019. You can also know about Huawei Mate 30 Pro specifications.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10  S-Pen Magic

Let’s start with hardware that defines the Galaxy Note, shall we? This year’s S Pen has a 6-axis gyroscope and accelerometer, which means it supports air gestures now. So you will be able to wave your S-Pen around in the air like you would a magic wand. I wouldn’t deem you crazy if you call yourself a wizard now. Yes, twisting and turning the pen in the air can zoom your camera or change the volume.

You can also control YouTube, Spotify, and other media apps. In addition to Air Gestures, you will also have the Bluetooth controls introduced last year. So you can do things like wirelessly play and pause music along with using the pen as a camera shutter.

2. Galaxy Note 10 Live focus in video recording

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 now has a live focus in videos as well. What it does is it applies background blur to the footage in real-time with no lag, thus giving an illusion. That the video has been filmed with a professional-grade camera which is a really cool thing. You can also add some other special effects around the subject. While you’re capturing footage. which I’m sure people who take videos will appreciate a lot.

3. Zoom-in MIC

Another cool camera feature is called Zoom in mic. Which uses the Note 10’s multiple microphones to target the audio coming from a specific point in your frame. Say you’re at a park and zoom in on a band playing in the distance. The phone will focus on the instruments and bump up the volume from them. While minimizing the noise of passersby behind or around. You very cool indeed, LG has done it before, let’s see whether or not it is effective in real life.

4. Insane fast charging speeds of Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

This is the most hyped feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. It supports charging speeds of up to 45W that’s 3 times more than the Galaxy S10’s 15W charger. But the problem is they’re not gonna provide this in the box. You have to buy it separately by paying 50 bucks. They’ll provide a 25W charger instead. Which is more than enough for a lot of users as it’s still faster than the S10’s. Also, the wireless charging has gotten better as well. It now supports up to 15W of fast wireless charging, better than the S10’s 10W. With the Note 10, fast charging gets a whole new meaning provided you pay extra to buy the charging head.

5. New Dex feature

Dex has been a staple feature of all Samsung flagships. Ever since they introduced it with the S8, it has gotten better with each iteration. So what new improvements have they made to the DeX in Note 10? Well, now you only need a USB cable and a Windows PC and the great thing is. Now you don’t have to unplug your desktop computer from a monitor to connect your phone. It is way more convenient than before. Also now you can use dex on laptops too. It comes pre-installed with Microsoft’s Your Phone app. And, lets you see things like app notifications, texts and more from their PC. You don’t need Dex for this just set up this app once and it works wirelessly.

6. UFS 3.0 fast storage

UFC 3.0 is a high bandwidth storage solution which provides storage performance closer to SSDs. It’s two times faster than UFS2.1 that the Galaxy S10 has. So that means the data transfer rate will be faster which is important as it will impact. How quickly a game or app loads or how long it takes to copy a video file into storage? You can watch it. Bottom line, UFS3.0 will enhance the user experience while maximizing a smartphone’s battery life.

7. Wireless powershare that’s actually useful

wireless Powershare

The Note 10 makes the wireless powershare actually useful as it now supports charging rates of up to 15W. That’s way more than the S10’s 4.5W and equals the S10’s wired charging. So if you feel generous and want to share some of your smartphone’s juice. You can do it without waiting for hours.

8. World’s first EUV processor

It comes with a new 7nm Exynos 9825 processor which is built on EUV tech. This is a superior technology compared to every other chipset production out. There including the Snapdragon 855 and Apple’s A12 bionic. But we’ll have to wait and see how does it perform in real life once we get the handset.

9. Dual speakers with Dolby Atmos surround sound

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 does not have sound on display tech. But rather there’s a small speaker up top to create a stereo surround sound. It’s good news in a way because if they had gone with Sound on display tech. Then, they would have to sacrifice stereo sound, so I’m happy there’s an actual physical speaker up top.

10. Insane specifications

The Note 10+ comes with some of the class-leading specs, 12GB RAM for the base variant, 256GB of internal storage. There’s an option to expand it via a micro SD card. Note 10+ has an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner just like the S10, 4300mAh battery. It is more than enough to last you a full day of use, a premium builds, simply put. The Galaxy Note 10+ is the best smartphone you can buy right now. I’m getting the Aura white Note 10+ and there will be a lot of real-life.

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