Best android phone under 200$ | best camera phone in 2019 under 200$

Best android phone under 200$

This year, we’ve seen a lot of great new budget smartphones in the 10 thousand to 15 thousand price segment. Yeah, it’s been super competitive as you can see but things have now kind of settled out. We probably won’t see a major smartphone in this price segment for the coming wifi. So the big question is which is the best smartphone under 15 thousand in 2019. I’m going to answer that and I’m going to tell you about the best camera phone. The best phone for gaming and the best smartphone for the great software experience and obviously. The best overall phone under 15 thousand and I’d also be telling you the best phone under 10 thousand.

Nokia 8.1 overview.

I know a lot of people whose biggest priority is a clean ad freeload free and well-supported software experience. We have well in this price segment. I have three the motive one action the new Moto G8 Plus and the Nokia 8.1. All these phones bring our ad-free clean stock Android experience. But which is the best phone for the sort of experience. You should ask me I’d go with Nokia 8.1.

I know what you’re thinking about the Nokia 8.1 calls. It stocks Android but so does the other phones. So what’s the exactly different look. I know it’s a phone large almost 10 months ago but the biggest reason. I’m recommending it is. Because we all know a chumpy Global’s track record. When it comes to software updates. They’re quick and they have committed the Nokia 8.1 receive the android 10 updates last month. That is super quick. I mean no other phone which stock Android in this price segment receives the Android updates. So quickly not my phones, not the Motorola phones.

Nokia 8



The Nokia 8.1 is pretty awesome because there are other factors with the Nokia point. I mean the Nokia 8.1 is a premium smartphone. It has brought in a beautiful HDR 10 display designed as just gorgeous and premium. Nokia 8.1 has the Snapdragon 710 compared to 6 65 and Exynos chipsets in other phones with a strong camera. You get that big notch and the cameras are the absolute best. Although they’re
decent the Nokia 8.1 add rupees 14 triple 9 is my choice in the sub 15 segment. If you want the best software spirits of the next up a lot of people to have gaming as the biggest priority.

The Poco f1 specifications and latest prices.

I mean Bob G Mobile is crazy popular Co the mobile is getting a lot of users. Yeah, I get it if you want the best gaming performance under 188$. Then you have a lot of options delayed me noted Pro is obviously great. When it comes to gaming with the gaming-centric MediaTek G-92 chipset. The readme Xt is also pretty good with it snapdragon 712. But you know what I still think the Poco f1 with the snapdragon 845 is the most powerful phone in this price range looks the noted pro is very powerful no doubt. The phone is still new the Poco f1, on the other hand, is an older phone but thanks to the Snapdragon 845.

Poco f1

The Poco f1 has benchmark scores that no phone in this price range can take on. Poco f1 has a reliable performance a lot of people in the office using the Poco f1. After all this time the gaming performance on that phone is just top it. Yes, the battery takes a hit due to the powerful chipset bird performance well. Poco f1 is top-notch consistent and incomparable.

Redmi Note 8 Specifications and latest prices.

The Redmi Note 8 is just crazy value for money moving on before. We talk about the absolute best phone under 188$. A lot of people have the budget at less than 188$ or proud thinking well in that case. You
have a lot of options there’s the real Redmi 5. The Vivo 10, Motorola one, Macro, Redmi note 8 and all of these fools come with the snapdragon 665. Which is a pretty capable processor. Redmi note 8 is the phone that kind of trumps them all due to multiple factors first up. Redmi note 8 has a full HD display which is great secondly. The smartphones have grave quad cameras for the price and third. This Phone comes with an 18-watt fast charger bundled in the box. Now, all of these factors come by and make the Redmi note 8 the absolute best smartphone under 190$. So yeah the Redmi note 8 is my best choice.

Redmi note 8 pro

When it’s time now we’ll talk about the best absolute best phone under 15,000 rupees now. If you’re wondering why you skip the best camera phone well it’s.The best overall phone is also the best camera phone now. We have two contenders for the crowd the Redmi note
pro and real me XD.
Redmi Note 8 is a contender for the best smart 115k in any way as. I saw in a comparison video both of these phones are very close but the winner is a Redmi note 8 Pro. I mean the real me XT is a great phone to buy as well. Redmi note 8 pro is sleek and lightweight it brings AMOLED and an indiscreet fingerprint scanner features. That is very rare in this price segment. But the note 8 pro is just a better all-around smartphone i mean. It’s got almost everything it looks great has a nice display the performance beat gaming. Usual is really really good and the cameras are just the best in this price segment right now.